Saturday 14 October

01     10:00-11:00     Clock Tower Marquee

Living in the Age of Pussy
 talks to John Preston
Where funny meets fury: the comic novelist on his savage Trump satire

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02    10:00-11:00     Great Hall

PANEL: Behind the scenes at our museums: how the treasures of the past and present shape our future
Chair: Simon Jenkins
Panellists: Nicholas CullinanYana Peel and Hannah Rothschild

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03     11:30-12:30     Clock Tower Marquee

Munich: Countdown to catastrophe
 talks to Frances Osborne
The thriller writer on politics, power and his new book about two Oxford friends reunited at the Munich Conference, 1938, during the countdown to war

Please note: All guests attending this session will receive a complimentary copy of Munich

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04    11:30-12:30     Great Hall

PANEL: Zionism: 100 years of the Balfour Declaration
How the British promise of a Jewish homeland dramatically changed the history of the Middle East
Chair: David Reynolds
Panellists: Lord RothschildHoward Jacobson, and Simon Sebag Montefiore

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05     14:00-15:00     Great Hall

The Big Two: Churchill and Stalin
& ANDREW ROBERTS discuss two of the great warlords of WW2 and leadership across history and in the age of Trump and Kim Jong Un

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06    14:00-15:00     Clock Tower Marquee

RUTH ROGERS talking taste with Simon Schama
The risotto that started a revolution: Rogers on thirty years of the River Cafe

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07     15:30-16:30     Clock Tower Marquee

SEBASTIAN FAULKS in conversation with Miriam Gross
From Birdsong to Where My Heart Used to Beat, the novelist on his enduring obsession with love and war

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08    15:30-16:30     Great Hall

PANEL: Women in power: saints or sinners? Myth and reality
Force, femininity, archetypes and stereotypes. Five trailblazers debate power, patriarchy and how history has judged its female pioneers
Chair: Amanda Foreman
Panellists: Tina Brown, Helen Castor, Dambisa Moyo and Bettany Hughes

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09     17:00-18:00     Clock Tower Marquee

TINA BROWN in conversation with Catherine Ostler
About to publish her Vanity Fair Diaries, the editor, author of The Diana Chronicles and mistress of reinvention on her dazzling and ever-changing career

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10     17:00-18:00     Great Hall

Bowie: A Life
 talks to Simon Sebag Montefiore about his biography of the Starman 

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Sunday 15 October

11     10:00-11:00     Clock Tower Marquee

IAN McEWAN in conversation with Geordie Greig
The works, the prizes, the films…Ian McEwan’s life in books

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12     10:00-11:00     Great Hall

PANEL: A very Cliveden topic: politics, sex and scandal
All about our favourite dangerous liaisons
Michael Gove MP
 John Preston and Hallie Rubenhold

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13     11:30-12:30     Great Hall

A Life in History
LADY ANTONIA FRASER talks to Andrew Roberts
The grande dame of British history has led a life as eventful as any of her subjects

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14     11:30-12:30     Clock Tower Marquee

PANEL: Russia 1917-2017: From Tsars and Lenin to Putin and Trump
A century of revolution
Simon Sebag Montefiore
Panellists: Anne ApplebaumVictor SebestyenRadek Sikorski and Robert Service 

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15     13:00-13:45     Clock Tower Marquee

The Poetry of War
Guest actors ANTON LESSER (Game of Thrones) and TRACY-ANN OBERMAN join Allie Esiri to read war poetry from her new anthology, A Poem for Every Day of the Year. 

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16     14:00-15:00     Great Hall

Drama: How to put history on screen
AMANDA FOREMAN and DAISY GOODWIN in conversation with Natalie Livingstone
Foreman on the pain and the pleasure of her biography becoming an Oscar-winning bodice-ripper, The Duchess, starring Keira Knightley and Daisy Goodwin on fleshing out the young Queen Victoria and her passionate prince

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17     14:00-15:00     Clock Tower Marquee

JAMES HARDING in conversation with Michael Gove

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18     15:30-16:30     Clock Tower Marquee

PANEL: Topsy –turvy politics and the new world order: a look at Brexit and what’s nexit
 Sarah Vine
Panellists: Michael Gove MPKwasi Kwarteng MPAnne McElvoyStephen Pollard and Benjamin Wegg-Prosser

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