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Dr. Ronen Bergman

By 31st August 2021October 15th, 2021Speakers-2021

Dr. Ronen Bergman, a New York Times bestselling author, is a staff writer for the New York Times and the Senior Correspondent for Military and Intelligence Affairs for Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s largest circulated daily newspaper.

Writing extensively on intelligence, national security, terrorism and nuclear affairs, he is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in his field.

Bergman is the author of six bestselling Hebrew and English language non-fiction books. His latest, the New York Times Bestseller, Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations, was received with raving reviews, won The National Jewish Book Award, translated into 25 languages, and chosen and as one of the best 10 books of the year by the New York Times and The Economist.

John Le Carre wrote it is “a remarkable feat of fearless and responsible reporting… stark and sensational.” The New York Times book review observed:” An exceptional work, a humane book about an incendiary subject… This book is full of shocking moments, surprising disturbances in a narrative full of fateful twists and unintended consequences. It moves at a torrid pace and tells stories that would make Jason Bourne sit up and say ‘Wow!