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Mikhail Zygar

By 31st August 2022August 9th, 2023Speakers-2022, Speakers-2023

Author, journalist, filmmaker. Founding editor-in-chief of the Russian independent news TV-channel, Dozhd (2010 – 2015). Author of ‘War and Punishment. The story of Russian Oppression and Ukrainian Resistance’ (2023). He also wrote “All the Kremlin’s Men. Inside the Court of Vladimir Putin”, bestselling non-fiction work on the metamorphoses of Putin and his inner circle, and “The Empire Must Die. Russia’s Revolutionary Collapse”, non-fiction novel about Russian society in the early 20th century, the years leading up to the 1917 revolution.

Founder of the creative studio Future History specializing in inventing new genres of storytelling. Winner of the CPJ International Press Freedom Award (2014). TED Fellow (2018).

Openly protested against the war and initiated the first anti-war petition of Russian prominent writers and artists. Emigrated from Russia in February 2022. Now resides in Berlin and writes a weekly column for Der Spiegel.