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Maryam Aslany

By 14th August 2023Speakers-2023

Maryam Aslany is a writer and academic at Oxford and Yale universities. She is the author of Contested Capital (Cambridge University Press: 2020). Maryam is currently writing twin volumes, Peasants (Bloomsbury, Knopf: 2025), and Goddess (Knopf: 2027), which together provide a portrait of planetary society, economy, and politics, focussing respectively on the two extremes of the global supply chain.

She was recently signed up by Hollywood’s Plan B to produce a major podcast, entitled Harvest, about the crisis of the global countryside.

Maryam has held fellowships at the University of Venice and Peace Research Institute Oslo. Her time is divided between Oxford, New Haven, and Venice.

Born and raised in Iran, Maryam is actively involved in planning for a secular, democratic future in her native country. Based on her professional experience, she is particularly concerned with the region’s ecological emergency.