Education & Charity

Education Initiative

‘History and education go hand-in-hand and nothing is more important than involving the next generation of historians and writers in the literary festival. We are therefore delighted to work with the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham and look forward to welcoming their students to the festival in September and to continuing the collaboration in the years to come.’

Natalie Livingstone
Chairman, Cliveden Literary Festival

We are proud to support the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham through our education initiative.  Each day, we will welcome a group of students from the Academy to the festival, where they will attend the sessions, enjoy the festival and all it has to offer, and meet selected speakers

‘Our students at LAE Tottenham are academically motivated and ambitious and the opportunity to visit the Cliveden Literary Festival will expose them to a rich world of culture to which they have not previously had access. It will broaden their academic horizons significantly and the exposure provided to such a wide range of incredible speakers in an historic location will help them to develop their intellectual curiosity beyond measure.’

Jan Balon
Headteacher, London Academy of Excellence Tottenham

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Charity Partnership

A love of literature is at the heart of Cliveden’s past and present, and this year we are supporting the charity Book Aid International, who work to bring books to impoverished communities across the world.  Learn more about their work by visiting them in the Festival Food Tent and find out how you can get involved.

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