Education Partner – The London Academy of Excellence Tottenham

We are proud to support the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham through our education initiative. Each year, we will welcome students from the Academy to the festival, where they are able to attend the sessions, enjoy the festival and all it has to offer, and meet selected speakers.

“I cannot overstate the impact that the Cliveden Literary Festival has on the LAE Tottenham students who are lucky enough to attend. Whilst their studies can provide them the opportunity to develop academic skills in the classroom, Cliveden truly broadens their horizons. The inspirational speakers combined with the awe- inspiring venue inspire genuine passion which will have a lifelong impact on our young people.”

“History and education go hand- in-hand and nothing is more important than involving the next generation of historians and writers in the literary festival.
We are therefore delighted to collaborate with the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham and look forward to continuing the collaboration in the years to come.’

Jan Balon
Head Teacher

Natalie Livingstone
Festival Chairman

“The opportunity to experience Cliveden was so culturally enriching. The grounds were absolutely breathtaking. One of the most amazing experiences was being able to speak to a Historian (David Reynolds) just two days after having studied his work in the classroom. Opportunities such as this make learning real for me”.

Muna Hussein, Year 13

“The talks were genuinely fascinating – discussing the influence of the Kremlin made me think long and hard about Britain’s place in the world, opening up perspectives to me which I had never previously considered. A huge thank you for having us.

Omer Unal, Year 13

“The panels and the variety of talks were wonderfully diverse, discussing relevant topics and issues that even a 16 year old student could confidently relate to and be entertained by. The festival gave me a broader appreciation of literature and authors which I hadn’t previously been exposed to.”

Dorea Nengese, Year 13

“Going to the festival was a fantastic experience. I got to listen to talks from various authors and public figures about their works, and we got a totally unique insight into why they write and their experiences”

Lauren Scotland, Year 13

For more information about the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham, please visit the school website

Charity Partnership

A love of literature is at the heart of Cliveden’s past and present, and this year we are supporting the charity Book Aid International, who work to bring books to impoverished communities across the world.  Learn more about their work by visiting them in the Festival Food Tent and find out how you can get involved.

Book Aid International is the UK’s leading international book donation and library development charity. Every year, the charity aims to ship around one million brand new books to thousands of communities across the world where people have very few opportunities to access books and read.

Where the Wild Things Are in the Great Rift Valley

For more information about Book Aid International, please visit