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Tom Bower

By June 24th, 2019Speakers

Tom Bower is the author of twenty-three best-selling books including biographies of Robert Maxwell, Richard Branson, Mohamed Fayed, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Simon Cowell, Bernie Ecclestone, Prince Charles and Jeremy Corbyn. While working as a producer and reporter for BBC TV for 25 years, he became known for his investigative documentaries, especially about Nazi war criminals. He wrote three books exposing the Allied failure to denazify post war Germany – Blind Eye to Murder, Klaus Barbie and Operation Paperclip.

In 1989, he worked for three years for BBC TV in Russia, interviewing high-ranking Soviet intelligence officers who played the spy game against the West. During that time, he wrote the biography of Dick White, the head of MI5 and MI6. His TV documentary ‘The Confession’, the first interview with George Blake, the spy, won the Cannes Prix d’Or. Broken Dreams, an expose’ of corruption in the Premier League, won the William Hill prize. He has reported wars from Vietnam, the Middle East and South America. Dangerous Hero about Jeremy Corbyn was a Sunday Times bestseller.