Brian Cox

By July 25th, 2019Speakers

Professor Brian Cox OBE is Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Manchester, The Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science and a Fellow of the Royal Society.

He is a hugely successful television presenter, and has received many awards for his work promoting science and was the Science Advisor on Danny Boyle’s science-fiction thriller Sunshine. Brian has also worked in the music business, having toured the world with various bands and played keyboard with D:REAM, who had several UK Top 10 hits.

Brian co-wrote the books that accompany his television series Forces of Nature, Human Universe, Wonders of Life, Wonders of the Universe and Wonders of the Solar System, and a Christmas annual to accompany his popular BBC Radio 4 series Infinite Monkey Cage, which he co-hosts with comedian, Robin Ince.

He received an OBE for his contribution science in 2010.